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Canada's last, true west story -  as told by the sites and locations where the battles were, where the struggles were...

The 1880's in western Canada and the Northwest Territories (Saskatchewan and Alberta) was a time of growth, expansion, tension and tragedy. The buffalo were gone, the way of life changing too fast for the people that had lived in the area for generations. In 1885, troubles came to a head and the rest is history. Stories are written and told about this pivotal year, and yet so much is still unknown to the rest of the world.

Trails of 1885 continues to work with related sites and locations, festivals and events that are linked together by the events of 1885. Spread across three provinces - starting in Manitoba, across Saskatchewan, into Alberta, the "stories" of 1885 are told to visitors from around the world. We encourage you to read the history at each individual location on this site, view the pictures and we look forward to presenting Trails of 1885 peoples, stories, history and culture.

This web site is dedicated to the sites and location, cultures and histories that are directly related to the events of 1885. We strive to continuously update information about events, festivals and happenings in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Trails of 1885 Association Inc. is a not-for profit corporation operating in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba as a means to pull together the sites, locations, festivals, events into a cohesive group. 

For more information contact Celine Perillat at Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre at 1-306-467-2057.

Historical Timeline - What happened in the 1885 North West Resistance?

  • March 26: Battle of Duck Lake
  • March 27: Fort Carlton abandoned
  • March 29: "Siege" of Battleford
  • April 2: Frog Lake Massacre
  • April 13: "Siege" of Fort Pitt
  • April 24: Battle of Fish Creek/Tourond's Coulee
  • May 2: Battle at Poundmaker Hill (aka Battle of Cut Knife Hill)
  • May 9: Battle of Batoche
  • May 15: Louis Riel surrenders; transported to Regina for trial
  • May 26: Poundmaker surrenders
  • May 28: Battle of Frenchman Butte
  • June 3: Battle at Steele Narrows/Loon Lake
  • July 29: Trial of Louis Riel begins
  • October 5-10: Trial of 7 in Battleford
  • November 16: Louis Riel's Hanging
  • November 27: Hangings at Fort Battleford

Re-enactment of the 1885 battle between
Chief Poundmaker's people and the militia from Fort
Battleford during the 1885 North West Resistance.
See it in a larger format here on YouTube.

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